CMMC Readiness Assessment Services

CMMC Readiness Assessment Services

As a defense contractor or subcontractor, ensuring that you meet the Department of Defense's (DoD) requirements is now a critical component of your business strategy. Our CMMC Readiness Assessment is your first step toward achieving full compliance and securing your position within the defense supply chain.

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Why should we do a CMMC Readiness Assessment?

CMMC readiness assessments, utilizing validated assessment tools and methodologies, are vital in determining an organization's readiness for CMMC compliance. These tools methodically evaluate cybersecurity practices and protocols, ensuring the organization meets the stringent standards required for CMMC, thereby preparing them effectively for the certification process.Essendis vCISOs have the qualifications and certifications security industry professionals trust, giving you and your clients confidence in your company’s security posture.

Expert Analysis

Our team of certified assessors provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current cybersecurity posture against CMMC standards, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.

Customized Roadmaps

Receive a tailored roadmap to compliance, including prioritized action items, resource allocation, and timelines that align with your business objectives and DoD requirements.

Enhanced Security posture

Achieve not just compliance, but also a robust cybersecurity framework that protects your sensitive data and that of the DoD from advanced cyber threats.

Strategic Advantage

Gain a competitive edge in the defense marketplace by demonstrating your readiness and commitment to stringent cybersecurity standards.

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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 is currently under an important phase of evolution, marked by ongoing rulemaking processes. These developments are crucial for organizations aspiring to work with the Department of Defense (DoD) as they shape the future landscape of cybersecurity compliance and enforcement.

Complete Readiness Evaluation

Our thorough assessment examines your existing cybersecurity processes, practices, and controls across all CMMC domains, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Your organization is left with a checklist to complete for you're ready for a formal CMMC audit.

Documentation Review

We meticulously review your policies, procedures, and documentation to ensure they meet CMMC documentation requirements. We catalog our findings about your technology, people and processes giving you better visibility into your operations and potential CMMC gaps.

Risk Management Planning

We help you identify and mitigate potential security risks with a strategic plan that reduces vulnerabilities and enhances your overall security. Our cybersecurity and technology infrastructure expertise helps you prioritize necessary adjustments with cost efficiency.

CMMC Updates and Strategic Adaptation

We empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain compliance and contribute to a secure organizational culture that extends beyond our engagement.

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how it works

1. Initial consultation

Hop on a call with our advisory team to talk about your unique needs and concerns ahead of the engagement. A 30-minute call can guide the assessment approach and answer your initial questions about how we'll engage for your success.

2. Perform the assessment

Gap Analysis: We compare your current cybersecurity practices against CMMC requirements to identify gaps.
Readiness Check: We evaluate how prepared your organization is to meet necessary CMMC practices and processes.
Risk Assessment: We identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities that could impact your organization's CUI or FCI.

3. Report & debrief

Essendis will provide a comprehensive report outlining your readiness status for CMMC 2.0 and debrief on the findings. Your custom CMMC readiness report will include detailed recommendations specific to your organizational processes to help you achieve your compliance objectives.

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