Virtual Chief Technology Officer Services

All the Perks of a CTO, without All the Costs

A virtual chief technology officer (vCTO) provides the technology and business acumen of a CTO without the expense of a full-time IT executive.


Available When You Need Them

From strategic planning to emergencies.


Roadmap to Guide Success

Brings your vision to life.

Reliable Subject-Matter Expertise

Keeps you on top of changing technology trends & lifecycles.


Aligns Business Objectives with Technology

Helps identify objectives & craft an effective strategic plan.

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A virtual chief technology officer (vCTO) is like an on-call CTO. A vCTO provides technical strategy, guidance and leadership to keep your IT costs in check, and develop synergies between technology, internal processes and business objectives.

When your business and technology needs don’t justify the expense of a dedicated senior technology C-suite member, a part-time executive can ensure that your technology is helping you accomplish your business goals.

The Technical Leadership Your Business Needs for Growth

Whether technology is at the core of your business or plays more of a supporting role, an Essendis vCTO will provide the strategic technical thinking, planning and know-how to :

Assess and supervise system design and infrastructure to maximize efficiencies, scalability and profitability.

Identify and remediate outdated technology, software and more to avoid technical debt.

Evaluate, track, monitor and analyze technology performance data.

Structure and coordinate with internal technology teams.

Educate internal stakeholders and staff on IT Service Management processes, system design and project management.

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Essendis vCTOs have the experience, qualifications and certifications your company needs to be effective and profitable.

Your Trusted Information Technology Advisor & Partner
Tasks A Virtual CTO Can Manage

From healthcare to finance, Essendis’ vCTOs have worked with companies in a variety of industries with complex technology systems and compliance requirements, including:

Implementing secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in a variety of settings, including school districts, banks, healthcare providers, SaaS providers and more.

Managing an e-commerce cloud for an international travel services firm.

Helping organizations transition from manual to automated systems management.

Migrating 40 Terabytes of patient data to a HIPAA-compliant cloud as part of a major acquisition.

Transforming legacy scripts into modern automation frameworks for a national service center operator.

Modernizing Windows deployment and servicing for a 400-person law firm with four locations, in addition to national banks, retailers, and national and multinational corporations.

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At Essendis, we not only have the technical know-how to keep your business running smoothly, but the cybersecurity expertise to keep you safe. If you’re looking to earn security compliance or know you need assistance protecting your data and growing company, Essendis’ Cybersecurity Advisory Services has you covered.

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