About Essendis

Comprehensive Cloud Cybersecurity

Essendis provides an uncommon combination of both theory and engineering expertise to deliver cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Our collaborative approach means our cybersecurity advisory team can help translate vague requirements into actionable tasks, and our cloud engineering team can implement those solutions efficiently and effectively – saving you the hassle of managing multiple providers.  

The cybersecurity and technology landscape is continuously evolving and you need a team that can keep up. Whether it’s designing a security program, executing an existing security plan, optimizing an existing environment or exploring new technologies, Essendis will get the job done to keep you moving, growing and winning business.
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About the founders

Jim is a founding partner at Essendis and serves as Chief Information Security Officer. Since founding Essendis in 2012, he has focused on information security, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.     

Jim leads Essendis’ advisory practice to deliver information security and compliance services to clients throughout the United States and Europe. Jim is a proud alumnus of Deloitte, Ohio University and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Jim Schraepfer

Michael is a founding partner at Essendis. As Chief Technology Officer, Michael leads the Essendis cloud engineering practice and provides special expertise in solutions design and service delivery.    

Michael holds a degree in public administration from Miami University and hails from Sogeti USA where he was a solution architect and Microsoft technology evangelist.

Michael Schraepfer