Cloud Assessments and Migrations

Leveraging the Cloud to Enhance Business Operations

Know which aspects of your business are best suited for the cloud, and how to effectively and efficiently manage your cloud environment. Essendis cloud consultants identify solutions to reduce your costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Assessing Your Cloud Computing Options and Opportunities

If you’re looking to move aspects of your IT environment to the cloud, a cloud assessment is the first step in determining:
If you’re currently operating in the cloud, a cloud assessment can identify opportunities to:

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Down-to-Earth Cloud Migration Solutions

Essendis consultants provide custom cloud migration services so you understand your options and are confident in your cloud migration choice. Whether you’re moving up to, between or down from the cloud, Essendis will test and compare providers to ensure you have the best and most cost-effective solutions.
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Physical Datacenter to the Cloud

One Cloud Provider to Another

Cloud to Physical Datacenter

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Cloud Services Management

A cloud expert to manage your cloud services, including cost control, security, patching and more.

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An On-Call Chief Technology Officer

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